35 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Marcell Mars 8147add48d compiled hook for osx... 6 months ago
  Marcell Mars 1915b6133f 21.06.01 fixed regression with detectGitPath 7 months ago
  Marcell Mars c3f8d5d059 upload sphook 21.04.05 9 months ago
  Marcell Mars ef5ae67e6f latest hugo, added hugo version to logs... 9 months ago
  Marcell Mars 39834f79a7 upload sphook 21.04.04 9 months ago
  Marcell Mars fbe33cd3f6 a bit of cleaning up duplicating code in sysgit and gogit 9 months ago
  Marcell Mars eb9c0b150e upload 21.04.03 9 months ago
  Marcell Mars e85820d9f7 calling git as gitea's hook needs too much git config envs 9 months ago
  Marcell Mars 161fd486f9 upload sphook 21.04.01 9 months ago
  Marcell Mars e72cca06af print version if run from non-hugo directory 9 months ago
  Marcell Mars 277d854f1f fixing stuff... 10 months ago
  Marcell Mars dbd30f60a9 moved hook part into metahook file 10 months ago
  Marcell Mars 8a12fbcf83 mostly logging... 10 months ago
  Marcell Mars 24ad682cb4 hardcoded path is now hook struct property... 10 months ago
  Marcell Mars c61d9ec19b new sphook.. built with go1.16... 10 months ago
  Marcell Mars d399b16ec9 new vendor... 10 months ago
  Marcell Mars fba0c47680 new githook.. too many changes for commit message... 10 months ago
  Marcell Mars 4a10532c4e should bring better more robust bootstrap 11 months ago
  Marcell Mars 15b26fbdd2 symlink bug fixed. introduced versions and templateMetrics for hugo... 1 year ago
  Marcell Mars bb37d67e41 sphook built 1 year ago
  Marcell Mars e02edb878f print commit logs back to remote git 1 year ago
  Marcell Mars 2217f13972 symlink for the library.. 1 year ago
  Marcell Mars 7b6bdd72b2 make symlink for the library 1 year ago
  Marcell Mars dad20ec835 fixed regression about _preview not deleting published web site 1 year ago
  Marcell Mars fd5223b281 sphook built after pointing to title in config.toml 1 year ago
  Marcell Mars f4b6837e36 outdirreponame should read just title from config.toml 1 year ago
  Marcell Mars 73acd3a460 meh 1 year ago
  Marcell Mars 20944139f6 stupid typo.. 1 year ago
  Marcell Mars 513cf36e95 update README.md 1 year ago
  Marcell Mars a77dfe50d9 update about install script 1 year ago
  Marcell Mars 7b913ab8ee self-destructing install script for gitea 1 year ago
  Marcell Mars b7a2b2da97 build after spelling error 1 year ago
  Marcell Mars a57d963303 spelling error.. 1 year ago
  Marcell Mars 5f7abdbbfe minor 1 year ago
  Marcell Mars eab5da2e92 initial commit with go vendor and compiled binary 1 year ago