Git hook triggered via local commit or Gitea's one. It runs Hugo against its dedicated repository with Markdown files and related assets.
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go 1.11
require ( v1.10.0 v1.5.0 v1.5.1 v0.5.5 v3.1.0 v0.0.0-20210226084205-cbba55b83ad5 v2.0.5 v0.9.1 v0.23.0 v0.0.0-20201208152925-83fdc39ff7b5 v0.0.0-20210316092652-d523dce5a7f4 v0.0.0-20210313182246-cd4f82c27b84 v0.3.5 v0.1.0 v0.43.0 v0.0.0-20210402141018-6c239bbf2bb1 v1.36.1