Git hook triggered via local commit or Gitea's one. It runs Hugo against its dedicated repository with Markdown files and related assets.
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2 years ago
package main
import (
func writeLogToFile(logLines, path string) {
lastPublishCommitLog, err := os.Create(filepath.Join(path, "last-commit-log.txt"))
defer lastPublishCommitLog.Close()
fmt.Fprintln(lastPublishCommitLog, logLines)
func writeLastCommitLog(logLines string, isBare bool, hugo *Hugo, hook *Hook) {
if isBare {
if hook.Publish {
writeLogToFile(logLines, filepath.Join(hook.PublicHTMLPath, hugo.PublicHTMLName))
} else {
writeLogToFile(logLines, filepath.Join(hook.PublicHTMLPath, hugo.PublicHTMLName, "_preview"))
} else {
writeLogToFile(logLines, filepath.Join(hugo.DestinationDir))